Donating to PFLAG of Jacksonville

Your donations are what enable us to work within the community to provide support, education, and advocacy. Through your donations, we are able to provide resources for those who are LGBT+, their friends, family, and loved ones.

Donating Via PayPal

The easist and most secure way of donating to PFLAG of Jacksonville is through PayPal. You don't need an account to use the button below. All major credit cards are accepted.

Other Ways to Donate



Gifts of life insurance offer an opportunity to make a substantial contribution to PFLAG of Jacksonville that you might not otherwise be able to make. If an existing life insurance policy is no longer needed for family protections, you might consider giving it to PFLAG of Jacksonville. The value of the policy at the time of the gift is deductible for income tax purposes. If you continue to pay the premiums, those payments would also be deductible as charitable contributions. If a paid-up policy is given, the cost of purchasing a new paid-up policy at your current age would be the value of the charitable contribution deduction. You can also take out a new policy and designate PFLAG of Jacksonville as both the owner and the beneficiary. Your gift of the premiums will make that gift even more valuable to you at tax time.


You can give your home or other real estate to your favorite charity today, but retain the right to use your home or other real estate for the rest of your life. Multiple tax benefits are received, and you would receive a charitable deduction today. The property given is not included in your probate estate at the time of your death.


This trust is similar to the charitable remainder uni-trust. It provides you or your other designated beneficiaries with a fixed amount of income from the assets for life or for a fixed period of time. Your selected charity receives these assets at your death or at the expiration of the fixed time period.


You could also transfer highly appreciated assets, including stocks and land, into a irrevocable trust. The transfer of assets into the trust is not subject to capital gains taxes. You and your designated beneficiaries would receive a fixed percentage of the value of these assets during your lifetime, and your charity benefits from the assets in the trust at your death.



Giving to PFLAG of Jacksonville annually is as simple as writing a check today or donating via PayPal. PFLAG of Jacksonville has various membership levels that provide funding for our annual operations. In addition, special fundraising events are held each year. Please participate and give generously. Go to our Membership Form to join today.

Check or Money Order

You may send a Check or Money Order made payable to PFLAG of Jacksonville., P.O. Box 2971, Jacksonville, FL 32203


United Way's yearly campaign has begun. On your pledge card, please designate PFLAG OF Jacksonville, Inc. for your United Way contribution. Your donations to our organization through United Way would make a difference in the lives of those around you.


Your will provides an opportunity not only to remember your loved ones, but also to remember PFLAG of Jacksonville and the important work that we do. You may specify PFLAG of Jacksonville as a recipient of a portion of your estate by making a gift of a specified dollar amount. Your estate-planning professional can show you the estate-tax benefits of making such a gift.


Many choose to direct their estate dispositions through a revocable living trust rather than a will. When you use a revocable living trust, your assets at the time of your death pass under the terms of the trust instead of your will. Remember to include gifts to PFLAG of Jacksonville within the terms of your revocable living trust.


In planning for your death, please remember to leave written instructions regarding your desired funeral plans. You can designate PFLAG Jacksonville to receive memorial gifts.